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Harmo Farma! Your brand of choice for a fresh, healthy home. We offer a range of innovative hygiene, pest control products tailored for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our flagship product, Harmo mosquito sheild comes in three fragrances to keep your living spaces clean, and insect-free with good fragrance. We blend scientific pest control solutions with natural extracts to craft products that are safe yet effective for your family and pets.

About Us

At Harmo Farma, our vision is to build healthier and happier communities across Sub-Saharan Africa. We research local consumer needs and global scientific formulas to bring you practical solutions. Our products are thoughtfully designed to uplift your household environment with our signature scents that provide lasting freshness. As we expand, we remain committed to understanding and serving our customers in each region while creating more smiles in African homes with products that refresh and renew. Join us on our journey as we work towards a Vision of Vibrant Homes!.

Our Products

Comes in odorless and scented.


Orange oil is naturally known to deter insect pests. Harmo Mosquito Shield Citrus is specially formulated with other ingredients to get rid of unwanted insects. This product comes with double refill and a plug-in diffuser and only double refills for easy replacement.


Lavender has long been believed to naturally deter insect pests and has bug-repelling properties. Harmo Mosquito Shield Lavender is designed to eradicate mosquitoes and other flying insect pests. This product comes with double refill and a plug-in diffuser and only double refills for easy replacement.


Lemon is naturally known in folk medicine to deter insect pests and its strong scent has been known to keep bugs away. Harmo Mosquito Shield Lemon comes with double refill and a plug-in diffuser and only double refills for easy replacement.


This product has no fragrance but is specially formulated to deters insect pests. Harmo Mosquito Shield Odorless comes with double refill and a plug and only double refills for easy replacement.

Features & Benefits

Repels Insects

Effectively kills mosquitoes and various household insects, making it easier to maintain an insect free environment.

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Pleasant Fragrance

It comes in three fragrances (Citrus and Lavender) that adds to the ambiance of the home while masking the smell of the insecticide.A fragrance free variety is also available for customers.

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Safe for Humans and Pets

Safer alternative to traditional insecticides due to its low toxicity.

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Attractive Design

The insecticide plug-in has a sleek attractive design that adds to the overall aesthetics of area.

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Long - Lasting

Comes in two refill bottles in a pack that is designed to last for 90 days,reducing the need for frequent replacements, compared to other products that last for 30-60 days.

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Industry Practice

We developed a service, understand the landscape of pest management, and have engaged with households and businesses, on pest management for over 25 years.

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